Kompass Yoga Group Session

When your group wants a Yoga Class scheduled for a special event or program, Kompass Yoga
classes are group—inspired and themed to your interests and intentions. Kompass Yoga classes are mixed level, so beginners to advanced yoga students are welcome!  This is great for bridal parties, sports teams, clubs, families and friends.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy for Couples

When you want to spend true quality time with each other, reconnect with shared experiences. By combining easy partner yoga positions with dialogue, couples can become more aware of what’s happening in their relationship on the mat and in their lives. Relationships strengthen with friendship and understanding. Additionally, both partners can experience any and all of the health benefits of Yoga, including decreased stress, improved mood, mental clarity, and better health, etc. Couple’s do not need to be fit, nor do they need to worry about individual flexibility, ability or previous experience.