Yoga Therapy for Relationships

Combining the practice of mindfulness to the simplest of shared yoga experiences can create change in the dynamics of your relationships. When you are coached to quiet the thinking mind, you can witness yourself, your reactions and responses and take away life-changing insight. Research shows that there are many inherent benefits to human connection. In these yoga session using the Phoenix Rising Method, your relationship(s) can evolve into a more collaborative, cooperative, and supportive experience that brings your lives more richness, freedom, creativity and meaning.



Your closest relationships can develop new levels of understanding, acceptance and support. Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, friends can all explore sharing, listening,  boundaries and connections through shared yoga practice, reflection and dialogue. In a structured practice, partners find their own ways of being more present to the relationship.



Yoga classes and group yoga experiences support members in developing greater meaning and purpose in the group's shared interests. When your team engages a process of mindful meditation, yoga, reflection and dialogue, connections and confidence in all members strengthens. Perfect for sports teams, families, bridal parties, clubs, and support groups. 


Corporate Communities

What would benefit your work community the most? Shared sense of purpose? Increased tolerance and acceptance? Health and fitness? Connection and collaboration? Your therapeutic corporate Yoga wellness program is custom designed to fit your company's interests, budget and schedule. Email Sarah for more information or to discuss proposals for your workplace.