Yoga Therapy Session

Yoga changes lives. Yoga can change your life. Learn how to discover your yoga practice moment-to-moment, discerning what your body needs in breath and posture from your direct experience.


Your Yoga Therapy session is always highly individualized and responsive to your unique condition. You will be coached in a practice of Embodied Presence - that is, you will be coached to become more internally attuned to your body in its direct experience.  You begin to sense your body on a whole new level and this awareness and sensitivity informs the flow of your yoga practice.

This practice of being mindfully aware in direct experience has therapeutic benefits from decreasing stress to empowering personal growth to recovering from trauma, depression, illness and therefor appeals to a wide variety of people

....performers, athletes, professionals, moms, dads, students, worriers, survivors, the heart broken.....

Everyone with a Body.

During your session, you will practice increasing Awareness of your body's experience and Acceptance of what you notice. Your increasing awareness and acceptance empower you with the choice to change, to try a new way of being with your experience. Awareness inspires understanding, and you will begin to discern what works for you in your body. As a result, your relationship to movement, asana and breath naturally evolves into a self-informed Yoga practice, where you become more empowered to help yourself on all levels of your being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

An Empowered Self Emerges.


Bodies with unique needs/considerations welcome!

Contact Sarah to make arrangements for receiving Yoga Instruction. No matter what's missing or not working, your yoga practice will be designed to fit what you can do and to support what is working! Your body may have unique needs, it's YOUR body and you can practice embodied presence, awareness and acceptance. Yoga movements and postures can be modified to fit your body. And you can learn from your experience those techniques that support stress reduction, well-being, pain relief and fitness.

Sessions are are offered In

  • Central New York (at studio or in your home**),

  • on Long Island (in your home**)


**additional travel fees apply


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

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Since 1986, with more than 2000 professionals trained, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a leader in the world of Yoga Therapy. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy combines Embodied Mindfulness techniques with Yoga-based body movements and positions to support of self-discovery, recovery and healing. This supported practice of mind/body awareness is a way to strengthen connections between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences, and empowers a sense of Authenticity, Clarity and Resilience.

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