Navigate Life Change with Your Kompass.

 Navigate Life Change with Your Kompass.

Therapeutic Life Mentoring Sessions

Yoga Therapy with Life Mentoring: A Program for Life Change

Your choice of 4 or 8 sessions to help you navigate life change.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy & Life Mentoring when you are at the EDGE of LIFE CHANGE offers you supportive and safe space to process what's happening. It's time to attune your awareness to your direct experience, to be with what's available in the experience. The process empowers you to discover your own resources and wisdom in navigating your own life. When you are ready to release the grip of past habits, body memories and mental formations, and be present with the possibilities of now, Therapeutic Life Mentoring sessions will anchor your process and empower your sense of agency.

During each 90-min TLM session, you will learn how to engage in Yoga-based techniques as brief interventions in self-regulation and self-correction. In your own way, you will learn to address your mind/body needs with the support of a skilled mentor.  With encouragement behind each empowering action-step, you have the opportunity to sense the growing strength of your authentic, healthy, balanced mind, body, heart and soul.