"I found that the process was efficient via zoom and Sarah was very timely in regards to respecting start and end time of each sessions.  I felt safe and that I could be honest.  I also felt heard and understood.  I felt it went I my own pace and not given unnecessary extra recommendations.
I felt cared for.
- JA from Quebec, Canada

Online Yoga Therapy Sessions

Roll your yoga mat out in your own safe space. Set your webcam, microphone and speakers up and log into your own private Yoga Therapy session with Sarah. After a check-in, you will be coached to dive into the direct experience of your therapeutic yoga practice. Following the flow of your body's sensations and breath, your practice will have a meaningful impact to your health goals.

Perfect for when -

  • you are too overwhelmed to leave the home or office.

  • you have health or personal concerns that prevent you from being in public.

  • you travel for work.

  • you live in a remote location.

  • you live beyond a reasonable driving distance and want to work with Sarah.