Yoga Body

2-hour Yoga Practice where you are coached in a meaningful meditative process - an experience of Breath, Body and Present-Centered Awareness. Yoga Body is your opportunity to transcend the input of the external and dive deep into the internal. Using your inner senses, you can learn to tap into your inner resources. You will learn ways of understanding and supporting yourself by listening to your body and learning to allow your body to inform your mind. Your yoga practice becomes deeply therapeutic when you attune yourself to what's happening now in your body while discovering positions, stretches, exercises and breath that produce sensations of pain, pleasure, work and relaxation. You become consciously empowered to navigate your yoga practice in the way that addresses your body's needs, moment-to-moment.


Central New York

Full Lotus Yoga Studio, Rome

September 5 9-11am

Anatomy in Motion Pilates and Wellness, Clinton

September 5 5:30-7:30pm

Long Island

Medwell Spa and Yoga, Farmingdale


Holbrook Wellness Center, Holbrook