Find the Light & Love Inside.

This Season's Reminder - Embodied Presence

Does the world ever seem so dark and cold to you, that you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually turn away from it? You internally shift from loving the temperatures, the colors and the smell of the air and flowers to not wanting to get out from under the covers and sighing "ugh", as you pull on your boots and add your layers? Where you once saw the miracles of Mother Nature, you now see the mud and sticks and feel no warmth from Mother Nature's Love....often that' s what life can be like in Upstate New York. Today is a grey, wet and bone-chilly cold. The rain comes down in a constant drizzle, and to look outside my windows, I see dead and dying plants, withering over. Externally the world has become harsh, and to stay focused externally is to focus on the harsh.
Perhaps, this is an invitation to look Inside instead of Outside for Light and Love.
Just like it is a comfort in conditions like this to linger in bed, stay home and experience the warmth and light of a fire, it is a comfort to go within yourself and experience Embodied Presence.
I am affected by the Outside. I feel the cold. I miss my dog. Many things feel like a challenge. I resist being a part of the natural world right now. My walks are interrupted. My attitude could be better - thinking more positive and feeling more peaceful - I want these things for myself, and yet, life has affected me, as I believe it should, as a human being. I am grateful to feel so strongly in my life, but when my feelings are all uncomfortable in relation to the Outside, I want them to change. I don't want to feel uncomfortable.
To take my uncomfortable feelings to my Yoga Mat is my way, and closing my eyes, I go inside myself to watch and witness my body, my thought, my intuition, my experience. On the inside I see powerful Yoga Positions and Flows gratifying my body with exercise and aerobic activity that I miss in walking. On the inside I experience warm memories with my family and past adventures with Lenny. On the inside, I see me using all of my awareness, breath and knowledge to care and nurture my body, and that feels so validating. I can take away that feelings are not always comfortable, and with my awareness, uncomfortable feelings are where I really nurture and care for myself - loving myself and my body in ways that only I can. This sense of empowerment feels bright, and I suddenly feel completely at home in myself. I recognize this experience as my Being state of Embodied Presence and it empowers me to step out as a leader, even on days like this.
When your days are dark and cold on the Outside, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually Be Present on the Inside. It begins by letting go of what you see, by closing your eyes or lowing your lids, and noticing your breath. As you notice to your breath, begin to listen to it audibly and in a deeper way. Witnessing your breath just as it it and not trying to make it something. Be aware of what it is that you notice about your breath. Through your breath let your awareness expand to your entire body and begin to witness your entire body having an internal sensory experience. Just notice sensations - like balance, body temperature, your shape in space, as well as physical sensations. Notice how it is to be with your body in this way - completely focused on receiving and witnessing your body's experience. This is Embodied Presence. You are being Present to your body.
What it's like for you to be completely present to your body? Notice the difference your Embodied Presence is making. How do you feel to know that you are caring for yourself in a way that no one else can?
Are you beginning to find the Light and Love?
If No, Keep Practicing, You Will.
If Yes, Keep Practicing and Shine On!

Posted on December 2, 2015 .